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See the most popular places in the city, instantly, without spending hours searching and reading reviews.

We analyze data from millions of users. See what’s popular with others, choose what’s interesting to you.


What it does

AVUXI shows you the popular areas and places in major cities. It points you to the most popular shops, sights, restaurants and leisure venues.

When you need to choose quickly which place to visit, AVUXI instantly shows the hottest choices.

Where the data comes from

When someone visits a place, they often leave a digital trace about it. AVUXI analyzes data from millions of users over a wide variety of sources.

Why it's unique

It works.

For the first time ever, enough information about places is being left online for us to analyze and show you the most popular ones.

Quality data available.

AVUXI analyzes a diversity of most relevant data about places in the world to show you which are most popular and when.

Shows less, not more.

AVUXI gets you straight to the shortlist. No information overload.

It only gets better.

AVUXI is automated, so it will eventually cover all popular places in the world.

Why is faster than...

Search engines

AVUXI is just one step, instead of having to do 20 searches, several for each place. It’s specifically designed for this.

AVUXI shows the best choices, not many pages of links trying to get you to click an ad.

Review sites

Instead of scrolling through reviews, which aren’t always relevant and say contradictory things, let AVUXI analyze massive amounts of information, to show you the hottest options instantly.

And different from...

Social networks

The amount of likes and check-ins is not always representative of a popular place. For example, a club may have many likes because of a skillful online promotion, a coffee shop may have many check-ins because of the free Wi-Fi it offers.

AVUXI considers many diverse and relevant data sources, to produce more accurate results.

Review sites

Review sites rank places by reviews scores, the quality and amount of which significantly differs from one place to another. A restaurant with good reviews is not always a popular hotspot.

AVUXI shows you what’s popular, maximizing your chances of a great experience.

Questions & Answers

Why are we doing it?

We believe that choosing new places to visit, be it another city, shopping area, restaurant or coffee shop is one of the most frequent decisions people make.

The priorities of such decisions will be different for everyone, but there is one thing they have in common - popular places are always preferred.

There's huge amounts of information out there that could help inform our decision, but it is very dispersed across different sources, languages and formats.

Here at AVUXI, we think that this vast amount of digital data is a hugely valuable resource, but making sense of it quickly is a massive challenge. What are we trying to do? We want to bring this data to use in such way, that it would only take seconds to make a great decision.

Why popularity?

Popularity is a manifestation of crowd knowledge. The more popular a place, the greater the chances to find something we'd like too.

Popularity is an essential social feature. Since our early years we love being around popular people, buying popular things, following popular trends - it's all embedded in our social nature.

How we do it?

We use the power of the internet and cloud computing to analyze large data sets, also known as Big Data (mobile traffic data, coverage of places, relevant mentions, photos, check-ins, likes and much more), to create a simple, instantly understandable visualization.

What AVUXI covers?

AVUXI points you to the most popular areas with shops, sights, restaurants and leisure venues.

Why is AVUXI accurate?

Same data, just faster. AVUXI analyzes the same sites you would spend hours reading by hand, and much more, all of it displayed in an easy visual format. No reading needed.

Crowd wisdom. Popularity represents the collective wisdom of people who have visited these places, the most accurate signal about which places are likely to enrich your social experience.

Lots of data. We only show places which enough users have left a trace about to form an accurate judgment.

The team

Alexis Batlle

Vision Master, co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur & former film producer with a passion for new technology. In IT business since 1993. Involved with mobile technologies since 2000. Served for over 4 years as CEO of Laika Mobile Connectivity, a mobile payments company from Finland operating in Russia, Baltic and Nordic countries. Laika Mobile was sold to Boku Inc in 2010 and in 2011 Alexis went on looking for a new exciting and promising project. Founded AVUXI in 2012.


Roberto Abril

Data Slayer, co-Founder

Masters in Management Leadership & certified architect of .net technologies, with over 10 years experience in the field of new technologies and software development. Over 6 years working with CRM systems and developing web and mobile applications at Anuntis, a leading classifieds portals operator in Spain. The last 3 years working with geospatial structures, geoposition data indexing, processing and treatment of large amounts of data.

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